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Industrial projects

· Design and Implementation of a  of a Four-phased, 4 KW Switched Reluctance Motor Using DSP Processor

· Analysis and Implementation of a New Step Up/Down Three-Phase Voltage Source Inverter and Design of Proper Controllers

· Board Member, Auto Research Group

· Design and Construction of Switch Reluctance Motors in cooperation with Isfahan Zobahan Company

· Design and Construction of AC Contactors in Cooperation with Isfahan Zobahan Company

· Design and Construction of DC Contactors in Cooperation with Mobarakeh Steel Company

· Design and Analysis of a Rotary Energy Storage System (RESS)

· Design and Construction of an Electromagnetic Suspension System for Vehicles

· Design of Linear Induction Motors

· Design and Construction of a Linear Reluctance Generator

· Analysis and Design of an Induction Motor with a New Cage-type Rotor


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